Friday, August 8, 2008

Service Virtualization Demo Screencast

We have a new screencast on the Vordel website about Service Virtualization. The screencast explains what Service Virtualization is, and how it is configured in the Vordel XML Gateway. In the course of showing the hands-on demo, we also showcase some new features of the SOAPbox 5.1 Web Services Client in the screencast.

Service Virtualization is a specific SOA example of "virtualization". Service Virtualization is different from "Server Virtualization" [ Lori MacVittie contrasted the two different meanings of Server Virtualization in a post yesterday on F5 DevCentral ]

[ By the way, Jon Udell originally popularized screencasts, and they are an excellent way of "using technology to explain technology" (to re-use Jon's recent post title)]