Friday, May 8, 2009

CSO Magazine on Vordel rollout for SOA Security in the banking sector

Check out CSO Magazine's profile of how EBS Bank uses Vordel its SOA. In addition to the online story, there is a podcast / audio recording of an interview with David Yeates, whose responsibility it was to secure the SOA infrastructure.

There is a wealth of great information and advice in this case study. For example:

- "...the internal network has also to be considered a dirty environment."
- "A process-driven development creates dynamic applications where business processes can be easily created and changed. This presents major change management, service management and compliance challenges for an organization. Transactional security becomes very complex, very fast."
- "The strongest approach was to embed security within the services infrastructure itself, provide consistent security policy enforcement and to protect all endpoints, not just the perimeter."

More on why Vordel was chosen to secure this infrastructure, on Page 2 of the CSO Online article.

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