Friday, October 30, 2009

Steve Riley from Amazon speaking at VordelWorld next week

Amazon's Steve Riley is speaking next week at VordelWorld on "Security and compliance in the Cloud". Steve's work at Amazon centers on helping organizations understand how to address security, performance, and reliability concerns so that they can integrate the the cloud with their existing networks to extend reach and create new business models.

Here is the session abstract. The full VordelWorld agenda is here.

Security and compliance in the cloud
Moving to the cloud raises lots of questions, mostly about security. Providers worthy of your business should answer them clearly and honestly. Amazon Web Services has built an infrastructure and established processes to mitigate common vulnerabilities and offer a safe compute and storage environment. Steve Riley will discuss common cloud security concerns, show how AWS protects its infrastructure from internal and external attack, and explain how you can take advantage of the security features of AWS in your own applications as you extend your enterprise into the cloud.