Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VMWorld 2010: Provisioning and Managing Cloud instances with Vordel

Here at Vordel we're excited to announce that Vordel products can be used to manage virtual machines hosted by service providers such as Terremark, using the vCloud API. This means that an organization can control which employees can create virtual machines, who can reboot them, who can stop them, who can terminate them, all the time keeping an audit trail. We are addressing the chaotic situation which often occurs in organizations whereby IT Management doesn't know how their Cloud-based infrastructure is being used. Vordel allows policies to be put into place such as "only someone with a manager role can reboot a machine" and "instances can only be created during business hours" and "we limit the number of images to this particular number". This saves our customers money and also means they use Cloud-based virtual machines in a managed manner.

Be sure to visit booth 340 at VMworld where our team are demoing the Vordel management of Cloud-based images.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

REST Security at Java One

I'm speaking with Vikas Jain from Oracle at Java One (co-located with Oracle Open World this year) on the topic of REST Security. The session link is below:


(or go to the main catalog page and paste the Session ID 314100 into the search form).

We'll be talking about threats and countermeasures for REST Web Services. We will also discuss the various REST authentication schemes being used by Cloud service providers today. Some of these authentication schemes (in particular that used by Amazon Web Services) is as close to an "industry standard" for REST authentication as we have now. Say what you like about the WS-Security bloat, but at least it is an open standard, whereas for REST authentication there isn't one yet (unless you count HTTP Auth). But organizations realize that they can gain an advantage by providing a REST API and opening it up to the largest amount of (authenticated) users. So here at Vordel we have customers using our Gateway for REST authentication today, so that they can provide REST authentication and navigate the current world of REST security.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cloud rising, but what about iPhone and iPad apps?

Joe McKendrick points to an IDC survey which shows that soon, a third of all software will be delivered via the Cloud (i.e. as Software as a Service / SaaS): http://www.zdnet.com/blog/service-oriented/idc-very-soon-a-third-of-all-software-delivered-via-cloud/5474

It is interesting that this trend coincides with a resurgence of "fat client" computing in the form of iPhone and iPad applications. Two opposing trends happening at once. Users seem happy to download and install apps in certain cases, but in order cases they expect delivery wholly over the web "as a Service".