Friday, November 16, 2012

ProgrammableWeb: API's, the soft underbelly of online banking?

I have written a piece published in ProgrammableWeb today on "API's, the soft underbelly of online banking". The coverage of the recent DDoS attacks on US banks focused on the fact that their websites were down, but the fact that the attacks also impacted their mobile apps seemed to be treated like an afterthought. The mobile apps were impacted because their APIs were not available, resulting in the apps being unable to "call home" to log the user in, get their balance, etc. I believe that as mobile apps (and apps in general, from all sorts of devices) continue to become the primary way in which people use the Internet, API outages will be as damaging, if not more, than website outages. This points to a need for API Server technology to monitor uptime and alert based on attacks like this.