Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Allowing (or disallowing) HTTP 1.1 for a Vordel API Gateway connection

The Vordel API Gateway makes it easy to allow or disallow HTTP 1.1 for connections to backend services. If you wish to allow HTTP 1.1, you create a Remote Host setting as shown below, making sure that the hostname and port exactly match the hostname and port used by your backend service. So, if you're using a "Connect to URL" filter, the hostname and port should be the same as what you put in the Remote Host.

Then, as you see below, you can choose to check the "Allow HTTP 1.1" checkbox if you wish to allow HTTP 1.1 for the connection. 

Note that this is for the downstream connection to a back-end service (e.g. an API which the API Gateway is calling), not for connections from clients to the API Server.